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Alpine Race Grind Information

Edgewise is excited to announce the arrival of our new Wintersteiger Race NC. The Race NC is Wintersteiger’s premier race service stonegrinder, second to none in the industry. Edgewise offers Race NC finish grinds with our Olympian and World Champion preps or as an upgrade to our Europa Cup, Noram or Elite Grind and Bevel. Please watch the video for more details.

Edgewise Stonegrinding Demo

The following is a brief description of the grinds that Edgewise uses on a daily basis. If you are looking for a specific grind for your region or a particular race, one of the following seven grinds will more than likely fit your needs.

In addition to these seven grinds, we able to generate an infinite number of grinds specific to discipline, snow temperature, humidity and snow type. If you prefer to generate a grind based on these factors, a technician can help you determine what will work best.

Currently, all of the following grinds are used by the U.S.S.T. at all levels of F.I.S. racing in North America and Europe. These are proven winners that you can trust.

Some terms to help as you read about the grinds:
Depth of cut: describes the depth of the cut into the base
Size of cut: describes the length of the cut along the base
Pitch: describes the angle of the cut across the base


ML3. Deeper cuts and shallow pitch allow this grind to move water/moisture quickly. ML3 is an excellent choice for warmer, high humidity conditions or late season spring series races.

Discipline: DH or SG
Temp: 25°F+
Humidity: 70%+
Snow Type: Sunny Track or Wet

ML3D is similar to ML3, but is less aggressive in depth and size of cut, and is thus better in cooler and dryer conditions.

Discipline: DH or SG
Temp: 18°F+
Humidity: 50% – 75%
Type: Sunny Track or New

KA is the most versatile grind we offer and we consider it our universal grind. The KA’s moderate depth and longer pitch make a perfect match for low to moderate humidity conditions that are usually found mid-winter.

Discipline: Any
Temp: 10° – 28°F
Humidity: up to 70%
Type: Any except extremely wet

CHV. This Chevron grind is being used more and more at all levels of ski racing with great results. Proven on the World Cup circuit, CHV is found on many of the manufacturers elite level race skis. This grind is offered in both a light and deep cut to address humidity variance.

Light cut/Deep cut
Discipline: Any/Any
Temp: -20 to 18°F/18 to 28°F
Humidity: up to 50%/50%+
Type: Any except extremely wet/wet

RTK and the KT4 are our premier technical event grinds. These narrow grinds are specific to GS and SL, and are found on Rossignol, Head, Nordica and Atomic World Cup level technical skis.

These unique grinds match the overall width of the waist of the skis (59 to 64 mm) and carry that width through to tip and tail. As the grind travels through the wider portions of the tip and tail there is a blank section from each side of the structure to the edge of the ski.

This blank section of the grind may look a little strange, but it allows the ski to articulate the modern stivot turn without hindrance from the structure of a traditional grind.

Edgewise has worked closely with Wintersteiger to develop the RTK and KT4 grind. The unique width and centering detail of these grinds make them incredibly difficult to replicate without the use of a robotic feed machine like our Wintersteiger Discovery. Currently, we are the only store in North America that offers a consistent KT4 at the retail level. Our KT4 has scored FIS points in the single to low teens in both GS and SL races.

Discipline: GS and SL
Temp: 10 to 25°F
Humidity: up to 75%
Type: Any except wet

Discipline: GS and SL
Temp: 10 to 25°F
Humidity: up to 75%
Type: Any except wet