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We have made some changes to our consignment program in the hopes of improving the experience for you.

  • Skis will be prepped with an Edgewise race prep by default, included with the purchase price.  You will not need to purchase additional service, and you can be assured that bases and edges will be in prime condition.  Bevels will be set at .5 degree on the base and 3 degrees on the side.  If you would like different bevels, we are happy to make those changes at no cost.  The overall cost of the skis is less than if skis and service were to be purchased individually.  Receiving the skis prepped will improve the quality of your experience with used equipment.
  • Categories in our rating system have become more selective, so you’ll find that at each level the quality is equal to or better than it has been in the past.  This is particularly true in the case of “fair” skis.  Because of the quality and quantity of our selection, what used to be rated as the lower end of “good” is now “fair” and we no longer take skis that would previously qualified as fair.

As always, skis are closely inspected for damage that will affect performance.  Some skis may have cosmetic damage to topsheets from use. We will ship skis anywhere in the United States. Please call or email us with questions or to order.


Excellent: A close to new or lightly used ski, or a ski that has been so well cared for that bases and edges are like new.  May have some minor cosmetic damage to topsheet.

Good: These skis have been used but still have plenty of life in them.  Edge thickness may vary, but with proper care, they should last at least 2 seasons and in many cases will last longer. May have some cosmetic damage to topsheet.

Fair: Edges will be thinner than a “good” pair, but with proper care should last 1-2 seasons.  May have some cosmetic damage to topsheet.

We also sell used DH and GS suits.  Please call or use our contact form to inquire about our current inventory.



We sell hundreds of used race skis each year to people from Vermont to Alaska. We accept adult and junior race skis, provided they are well taken care of.

Skis are prepped in order to improve chance of selling. We ask that when you choose to consign your skis with Edgewise you plan on leaving your skis for a period of at least a 90 days during our busy consignment sales months (October through March). If picking up within the 90 day high sale period, please expect to be charged for the prep applied to your consigned ski. We price skis based on a formula, including production year, condition and desirability. As the seller, you receive 65% of the pre-prep value of the skis, and Edgewise retains a 35% commission. You can choose to receive this money via check or store credit.

Note that skis with bindings are more likely to sell. Right now, the following skis are in high demand: SL 150-165 and GS 155-171.

There are several ways to get your skis to us: stop by our shop, ship them to us, or if there is substantial interest among your club, team, or academy, let us know and we may be able to schedule a time to pick them up.

We reserve the right to refuse to take a pair of skis for any reason.  If your skis remain with us as the production year changes, we will lower the asking price of your skis accordingly. If we call you to pick up your skis and you do not pick them up within a few weeks, we will find them a good home.

We also consign used GS and DH suits in good condition.