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Race Service Technology

We use a combination of automated and manual grinding machines to provide you with the fastest grinds possible.  Edgewise has the best service equipment available—you won’t find this combination of equipment at any other ski shop.

Wintersteiger Race NC – (Watch Video)

Our Race NC is the first to provide service to the public in the U.S.  This is the latest technology in manual grinding.  The most precise, the most consistent and the most versatile machine on the market.  Stones and diamonds are specific to Nordic or alpine skis, the stone is always true, and vibrations are minimal.  The possibilities for grinds are endless.


Wintersteiger Discovery S

There are fewer than ten of these machines in North America.  The Discovery is the most precise automated grinding machine available.

Wintersteiger Micro 1 - One of the original race grinders.  Allows manual pinpointing of trouble areas while flattening bases.

Wintersteiger Speedtronic Binding Tester - Precision Electronic binding tester.

Pole Bender - For custom bending poles.

Thermobag - For sustained low temperature wax absorption to condition bases.

Ski Bending Beam - Steel I beam for inspecting trueness of skis and straightening bent skis

Pole Grip Extractor - For removing pole grips to custom cut poles