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Click on the name of each prep for the steps involved and video giving more detail about each prep.

Olympian: The most detailed and thorough Edgewise prep, and the best way to get detailed information about your skis.   Race prep, grind on the Race NC, HF base conditioning, and info about the turn radius and sidecut of your particular pair of skis. $220

World Champion:  Detailed race prep, grind on the Race NC, and LF base conditioning. A step above a standard preseason prep.  $185

Europa Cup:  Our standard preseason race prep.  Unless you have cap construction skis, this is the least you should do to a new pair of skis. $99

NorAm: Our standard mid-season race prep: for skis that have already had at least a Europa Cup prep, or new cap construction skis. $79

Elite Race Grind and Bevel: Take care of your own edge work? Temperature and condition specific grinds off the World Cup, and base bevel set for you. $55

Nordic Race Grind: Temperature and condition specific grinds produced on a Wintersteiger Race NC and derived from World Cup Nordic athletes’ equipment. $65

Race Day: Before a race, you need sharp skis and the right race wax. $45

Junior Race Day: A Race Day prep for U10 and U8 racers. $35

Race Wax: Condition specific race wax for your event. $35

Renn Wax: A deep conditioning treatment for your best race skis.  Creates a platform of fluoros in your skis so your race wax lasts longer. $100

Thermobag Treatment: Another deep conditioning treatment for your skis. $70-$100

Sidewall/Topsheet Shaping: Makes skis hold better on edge, makes skis easier to maintain. $55


Citizens Prep:  Preseason or mid-season prep for recreational skis, including base grind. $55

Sharpen and Wax:  Put a little edge on. $40

Wax du Jour: Just what it sounds like. $25

Binding Test/Adjustment $25
Binding Mount $45
Plate Mount $30
Binding/Plate Mount $50